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Supply Chain Management Process Overview

Canlin Energy does business with a wide range of suppliers, contractors and service providers over a broad land base. These transactions are typically governed by terms and conditions contained in purchase orders, specific agreements, including Master Service Agreements (“MSA”) or other contracts that are established as required. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Canlin Energy and the supplier, contractor or service provider. Having a MSA in place provides contractual protections for both Canlin Energy and the service and good providers to ensure the ethical and professional behaviour of both parties. The MSA does not guarantee any work with Canlin Energy.

Vendor Human Rights Code of Conduct

This Vendor Code outlines Canlin Energy's expectations and guidelines with respect to responsible sourcing including our commitment to human rights, business ethics and the development of a diverse and sustainable supply chain. We expect our Vendors to act with honesty and integrity. To be guided by our ethical values and comply with both the language and the spirit of this Vendor Code.

The Vendor Code sets our minimum standards that vendor must meet and nothing in the Vendor Code should prevent vendors from exceeding these Standards. Vendors are also expected to comply with our standard MSA and with applicable local laws and regulations. Where such requirements conflict, vendors are expected to comply with the highest applicable standard.

Vendor Code

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Canlin Energy Corporation is a proud supported of the Canada Action.

Canlin Energy Corporation is a proud supporter of Canada Action.

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